April 24, 2022

Why more women are diagnosed with BPD than men: sexism in psychiatry

Why more women are diagnosed with BPD than men: sexism in psychiatry

This episode will discuss psychiatry's problematic sexist and misogynistic history. According to Dr. Jessica Taylor (author of "Sexy But Psycho"), "as of today, being female is widely reported as correlating with almost every mental disorder in the DSM-V. Women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and somatic disorders. They are also more likely to be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobias, suicidal ideation and attempts, postpartum depression and psychosis, eating disorders, and PTSD."

​​💡 Questions answered in this episode:

■ Psychiatry and sexism: gender bias in BPD diagnosis

■ The impact of gender discrimination on a Woman's Mental Health

■ The history of hysteria: sexism in diagnosis

■ Why are women diagnosed borderline more than men?

■ How feminist critics of BPD offer an alternative perspective, generally viewing the diagnosis of BPD as pathologizing the ways that women respond to gendered abuse and oppression

📝Recommended resources:

Please Stop Using My Mental Illness to Fulfill Your Fantasy (Healthline article by Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro)

Sexy But Psycho: How the Patriarchy Uses Women’s Trauma Against Them (book by Dr. Jessica Taylor)


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