Nov. 20, 2021

The only way to free yourself from your childhood wounds (the hero's journey)

The only way to free yourself from your childhood wounds (the hero's journey)

This episode is dedicated to anyone who has felt like the problem child their entire life. It’s for those who grew up hating themselves and wondering why they felt so empty and undeserving of love. I’m sharing the more profound concepts that have led to REAL progress in my recovery and why I believe I no longer meet the criteria for borderline personality disorder (BPD / EUPD). To truly understand the core of the development of “mental health problems,” we have to understand high-level psychological and spiritual concepts that are not often brought up when we seek mental health treatment: ideas like “individuation,” “the Ego” and the “Higher Self.” In this episode, I do my best to share with you what I’ve learned about these concepts through what is called “The hero’s journey.”

Through these concepts, we will learn how the impact of childhood emotional neglect (CEN) and critical parenting:

■ Stops us experiencing true intimacy and connection with romantic partners in adulthood

■ Leads to the experience of wanting closeness but being unable to break free from the loneliness of our self-imposed isolation

■ Leads us to developing a belief and feeling that all our relationships are unsatisfying, lack boundaries, and are unsafe

💡 Questions answered and topics discussed in this episode:

■ What is "the hero's journey" (concept coined by Joseph Campbell) and how can it help with BPD and mental health recovery

■ `What is the "higher self" and what is its meaning

📝Recommended resources:

The Hero’s Journey - article by Jessica Davidson

Explanation of the different between ego, self, and Self - article by Jessica Davidson

Tips to Manage the Negative Cycle IG post by @thesecurerelationship

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Tarot Journey to Self-Awareness (New Edition) book by Rachael Pollack

Fearless Tarot: How to Give a Positive Reading in Any Situation by Elliot Adam

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Sue Johnson

Disclaimer: information contained in this podcast episode is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for treatment or consultation with a licensed mental health professional. 


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