Dec. 13, 2021

The devastating mental health crisis affecting Gen-Z and millennials

The devastating mental health crisis affecting Gen-Z and millennials

Gen Z is considered to be “the most depressed generation:. 91% of Gen Z reported experiencing psychological symptoms due to stress. According to a study by Western Governors University in 2019, only 45% of Gen Z believe their mental health is good, 11% lower than the millennial generation. The Pew Research Center found that 70% of teens believe that depression and anxiety are significant problems amongst their peers. In today’s podcast episode, I sit down with Adam Sweet to discuss his viral YouTube video “Why Is Gen Z Humor So Weird?” As a member of Gen Z himself, Adam provides further context and lived experience as we explore why members of “iGen” statistically have more mental health problems than any other generation before them. 


💡 Questions answered and topics discussed in this episode:

■ "Depressed humor” and how it may have started with Millennials

■ Who is Generation Z (Gen-Z) – exploring the characteristics of this generation of digital natives

■ Social media addiction and the impact needing to be “always online” is having on this generation’s ability to socialize in person

■ Social media as a distraction from real life

■ TikTok addiction

■ How extreme perfectionism is driving Gen Z and Millennials to depression

■ The negative impact of “over-parenting” (parentification and emotional incest)

■ Understanding the existentialism behind Gen Z humor

■ How the current social media climate is creating a “me-focused” culture (understanding “main character syndrome”)

■ Instagram and its impact on body image

■ How to detox from social media

■ How to create healthier social media habits


Watch Adam's original YouTube video: “Why Is Gen-Z Humor So Weird?”


Disclaimer: information contained in this podcast episode is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for treatment or consultation with a licensed mental health professional. 


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