June 6, 2022

Spotting spiritual reg flags and practicing loving-kindness

Spotting spiritual reg flags and practicing loving-kindness

In this episode, you’ll join my dog Cody and me on our morning walk in the woods as we discuss “spiritual red flags.” Along my journey towards healing and deeper self-awareness, I’ve fallen for some stupid new age sh*t. I’ve wasted money on “Spiritual Gurus™” and coaches. I’ve gone down the YouTube manifestation rabbit hole. All of it. During our walk, I’ll share with you the most important lessons I’ve learned and the core teachings that have helped me find a semblance of inner peace and spiritual grounding in my life. Notably working on cultivating a “loving-kindness” practice, which I’ve recently learned from Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön’s book, “The Places That Scare You.”


At the end of the episode, I answer a few listener questions about struggling to make friends, emotion regulation and the “FP” or “favorite person” relationship in BPD.

📝Recommended resources:

The Deep End (Documentary on Hulu about spiritual guru Teal Swan)

The Gateway (Investigative podcast re the work of Teal Swan)

The Places That Scare You (Book by Pema Chödrön that inspired this episode)

Pema Chodron herself walking you through the practice of loving-kindness

Another talk with Pema (Loving Oneself and Others – Tonglen practice)

Tonglen Meditation with Pema Chodron


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