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As the partner of someone with BPD finding this Podcast has been life altering for both of us. Him being newly diagnosed and myself struggling to understand and be the best possible partner I can be while also maintaining my own mental health. So much honesty, vulnerability, compassion and healing has come into our lives as a result of tuning in.

Thank you for this podcast

My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with BPD about 6 months ago. Right now we are really in the thick of it. As a parent I am looking for any resource to better understand who she is. Also, for her to understand herself. I stumbled across your podcast and could not believe the relatability I was hearing. I played it for her as she rolled her eyes at me but by the end. She was crying, saying “mom, that’s me” so thank you for this glimmer of hope for my little girl. It seems to resonate with her and allows me to better understand her, not from a medical standpoint but as a person. Your voice is a breakthrough for this family, thank you for that!

Hopeful, funny, informative and validating

An amazing show for anyone with BPD as well as for loved ones of those struggling. ❤️

So relatable

This podcast is so relatable and validating for those of us with BPD. Also your voice is incredibly soothing!