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Very honest and healing

I recently found this. For someone that suffers from BPD, the podcast is very healing. Mollie’s very honest and open about her journey and it’s really refreshing.

Thank you!

This has been great to listen to, and so relatable. I appreciate your sharing with all of us. Only found out about this podcast a few days ago, and glad I did. Catching up on all of the older episodes. And I appreciate the content warnings before the episodes. Thanks again.

Thank you Mollie 💗

This podcast has been the most helpful tool for my recovery. I’ve really dived deep the last few months since my diagnosis, working to better myself and overcome bpd. Mollie brings useful knowledge to the table and speaks with licensed professionals that are reliable sources for information and knowledge. I’ve always wanted to get into podcasts but just never related to any topics presented in other podcasts. I feel like Mollie has a conversation with her audience describing her experiences and journey and it’s very relatable as well as eye opening. I love the topics presented so far and would love to have more information on setting boundaries as this has been the hardest obstacle for me to overcome. It’s a hard topic to narrow down as I feel they are very situational. But if you could do a segment on boundary setting I’d be interested to hear your input! Thank you so much Mollie you are an inspiration and incredible person inside and out absolutely beautiful!


THIS IS A MUST FOR ANYONE WANTING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT EMOTIONAL REGULATION AND BPD. I’m so grateful for my partner for recommending this podcast. I was hesitant at first but then decided to just listen to one epidose. I’ve been listening for over a week now and I feel so much uplifted than before. I’ve been struggling with a bpd diagnosis this summer and this podcast has helped me see so much light and hope within myself. thank you, Mollie. also, what’s the discord info? i want to connect with other listeners but haven’t found the link!


This podcast has helped me in amazing ways through my recovery journey. So thankful for this podcast and the community that has been built around it. Thank you mollie for helping me understand me.

So helpful

I got diagnosed with BPD 6 months ago and this podcast has been a great addition to my healing journey. So soothing and insightful. I appreciate you, Mollie!

Fantastic and so helpful

Thanks Mollie for this podcast. My son has been diagnosed BPD and your podcast provides valuable insights. So grateful for this!

Borderline and Bipolar?!

I relate so much to your show, you helped me feel less alone in the most pivotal “down” moments of my mental illness. I was diagnosed BPD in October 2020, and then my therapist dropped me. Through sex-as-self-harm (thank you for teaching that term), and substance abuse, I agonized over that diagnosis. Six months later I decided to trust my sister’s therapist who listened for months before suggesting bipolar. Something clicked. I got a true diagnosis and I’m just starting to feel the effects of a very mild medication. It’s life-changing. My impulsivity would’ve killed me and now, slowly, I’m thinking twice before acting out. My question is this; what’s the relationship with BPD and Bipolar? What disguises them? The label helps me know my shameful behavior was not always my fault. I’m very high-functioning; I live alone after an ugly divorce (impulsively married an immigrant at 24). I am privileged to be in an industry that provides me 4x more money than the average millennial job. I don’t know how to harness my “positives” to a concrete direction when I still have triggers and confusion. Anyway, I hope any of this makes sense. Much love, -G.

The best BPD podcast!

This is the best podcast for partners of people with BPD or people with BPD. It has helped me realize how to better myself and how to help and encourage my husband who has BPD. I listen to this podcast while I’m at work and then I share my newfound knowledge with my husband when I get home. We’ve been working together on recovery and he’s made huge strides. It has even made me tear up quite a few times because of how accurate things are when you describe them. I’m super excited for the next episode so my husband and I can continue to learn and grow with recovery in the BPD diagnosis.

Beginning My Journey

This podcast is so so amazing. It is so helpful. I began realizing that I had BPD and symptoms of CPTSD several months ago, and it was such an overwhelming fearful feeling. But luckily I found this podcast not long after, and Mollie has compiled in here, so many freeing resources, Stories, experiences, and more all together to help people like me and YOU wake up to the pain and work through it. I love this podcast I don’t even know what I would do without it. I’d be so much worse off to be honest. So thank you Mollie! Loves it.

Absolutely Life Changing

I fell down the rabbit hole of Googling BPD and reading all of the horrible things people say about BPD, and was really in a dark place prior to dining Mollie and Back From The Borderline. This show has helped lift back that curtain and expose so much truth about what BPD really is and what it really means for my future. It has given me hope again, something that I’ve been missing for so long. Her shared experiences and stories validate my own experiences in ways I didn’t even know I needed, and have helped give me the courage to start down my own path of BPD recovery. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it - thank you Mollie! ♥️

Thank you

I just want to say thank you for this podcast. Im really struggling lately with attachment while dating. I feel physical pain through out my whole body when my gf doesn’t text me back. My world spirals. I was crying the other day and I could see myself as a 7 year old crying in the driveway waiting for my mom to come home. Feeling so much fear and abandonment today as I did then I really find comfort in these episodes knowing I’m not alone and there is hope. Please know how important your podcast is to ppl with bpd.


I wish I had had this podcast when I was 14 and was diagnosed with BPD.


I AM LITERALLY YOU EVEN THE SAME NAME 😩 Please never go away 🥺🤩❤️‍🔥

Great podcast

As someone who was diagnosed with BPD at age 33 (5 years ago) I have found a lot of comfort when I listen to a podcast like this one. It’s so helpful to hear others say what I feel all the time. I just found out about this and am inspired to create content around BPD recovery. If you ever need a guest, Mollie, I’m available! Hugs

I can’t say enough good things about this podcast.

Whether you personally have BPD, or just care about someone with BPD, this podcast is beyond worthy of your time. Mollie serves up real experiences and perspectives of someone recovering from BPD, as well as scientifically backed information and truly helpful techniques for navigating recovery. I never believed that a “recovery” from BPD was possible until I listened to this podcast. For the first time since my diagnosis, I have faith that I will be able to become the fullest version of myself, and live a life free from BPD symptoms. Thank you, Mollie — for your authenticity, vulnerability, help and community you’ve created! You’ve got a forever fan and listener in me :)

Thank You

Thank you for this podcast, there is not one thing I would change about it. It’s like having a new best friend that can describe, debunk and give advice for the things I struggle with every day. Each episode is not only comforting, but constructive and informative, with really useful tools that I have taken on board and found helpful. I wish this review was more eloquent and I could express just how much I truly appreciate what you’re doing, but I’m a frazzled borderline who is also a single Mom and working full time!! It’s just so nice to have a resource like this. I’d love for you to cover anger and rage in a future episode if possible, as this is something I really struggle with. I have not been able to listen to every episode yet so apologies if you have already covered this. With love and gratitude xx

Recently Diagnosed with BDP

Since being diagnosed with BDP everything clicks and makes sense. This has been so helpful to help me understand and keep grounded between psychotherapy session! Please don’t stop posting!!!!

New to this

I just got diagnosed and the inner critic episode and self love episode was the first one I listened to and I cried the whole time. You explained everything I had gone through and going through and it just such a relief to know I’m not doing it on purpose and I’m just happy I found this podcast. Im self sabotaging my marriage and I can’t stop accusing him that he is cheating. Contstantly digging for proof and I can’t stop looking at his phone, emails, social accounts you name it, and when I’m doing it I’m so focused and nothing else matters and I can’t stop. Maybe it’s dissociation idk this is all so new to me but I’m just glad I found my people. Haha

Me, I’m that person your soul spoke to.

E16 — thank you so much for sharing this. It came as friendly accountability, as a sharp challenge. Then the affirmations, pretty much, at the end: I was bawling in my kitchen. Thank you for your vulnerability, and the sensitivity to that instinct telling you to post such a free and beautiful podcast. I can’t explain how much this podcast, how Molly, has helped with people’s journey to healing.

Came strait from Spotify to apple podcasts just to write this

Molly your the best ! Your podcast has been awesome! It helped me understand a lot more stuff about BPD after I was diagnosed back in June, especially when it came to sexual stuff about myself I couldn’t explain for years, you’ve helped me so much understand more about myself in such a short time and if I could I give you the biggest hug ever ! Thanks again molly and I look forward to your weekly episodes

Love love love

Love the topics. Love her calm voice. Love her attitude and being unafraid to get real. Love the music even. Really excited I found this for my morning mindfulness times. Thank you for what you’re doing, the stigma around BPD has started to make me feel like I needEd to keep it to myself, like something was severely wrong with me. I was diagnosed as a teen so I didn’t know that most people didn’t have the same issues. You have a new listener

Here I go…with Back from the Boarderline

I just learned I have BPD. I’m in my 40’s and am scared as can be with what this means. Just looked up podcasts on BPD and fell upon this one. I just listened to the first episode and can’t wait to here the next. Great job, Molly for opening up and being so vulnerable. Today I “split” even after 41 days of a treatment center. After hearing this episode, I have hope for today I maybe can get through this. Thank you, Molly.

You saved my life

Since I’ve started listening to you and learning more about my bpd through you I’ve started having huge triggers that has lead to huge realizations. It’s like as I’m learning about my subconscious and the power it has over me the more it has revealed itself to me. It’s been a very painful week. I’m starting to recognize the power my abusers still have over me. The power they have over my thoughts, actions, and decisions. The abuse I endured was so dehumanizing that I struggle to recognize that I am a human being worthy of making mistakes and learning lessons without being tortured for doing so. I’m slowly staring to break free as I learn about myself, my past, and how to change my future. For the first time ever I feel hopeful that I CAN overcome this. I can live a happy and meaningful life. I just have to stay educated, stay aware, and stay hopeful. Thank you Mollie, for doing this all before me, so you can help me. I was so ready to give up, take the “easy” way out. You brought me out of that, you gave me hope that there is more to me than this bpd. I don’t know you personally and probably never will since I live in Oklahoma but I want you to know you have impacted my life and I love you!

Really deserves 12/10 stars

I have only been diagnosed with BPD for about 6 months and the progress I’ve made I owe a lot to this podcast. I always end up crying when I listen because I just feel so SEEN when Mollie speaks about this disorder. Self awareness has helped me heal in a big way lately. Learning the why behind my actions makes me feel so much less… crazy (for lack of a better word) and I feel it helps me stay in control of my emotions better. I’m excited to see Mollie grow and expand this beautiful community she has created and I’m happy to be a part of it. Thank you for this podcast, Mollie.

The best

I found this podcast after a recent diagnosis. I listened to a random episode and within seconds was crying the whole time. Not because I was sad, but because it made me realize that I’m so far from alone. I messaged the host on Instagram and she sent me the sweetest voice message back! You can tell she is so compassionate about helping others on their journey with BPD! 10/10 recommend

The therapy I didn't know I needed most

First off, i don't even use apple podcasts, i listen on spotify and i downloaded this app SOLELY to be able to write this review and tell you all how this podcast has changed me. being able to listen to someone who speaks to us as if we are both having this conversation together, listening to these stories and experiences that sound so much like my own, has been more therapeutic than anything i have tried on my own. Here is someone who not only knows and understands BPD in and out, but who wants to help us find our light at the end of the tunnel. Mollie's words are wisdom and when listening to this podcast i feel that i'm at the table with friends, finally able to share stories that i previously felt either to ashamed or to confused by to put into words before.

Listen to this if you know anyone with BPD

A life saver is all I can label this podcast. Mollie does a phenomenal job of articulating the WHY of BPD behaviors and the how to address them. I went through a NASTY breakup and found out my ex had BPD. It was horrible for us both but now we finally understand are working together to heal, unlearn and grow. I had read and watch a lot of resources before but it was through a clinician lense or through the lenses that I should go no contact with my ex because she was evil, unhealthy and unmanageable. I also learned my only trauma contributed to symptoms of BPD early on in my life and I’m aware of those thought patterns now.

Make BPD your b*tch

As someone who struggles with BPD, I can say this podcast came into my world at the perfect time. I recently stopped therapy because my therapist and I agreed that I had gotten all that I could from our time together. I felt like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time. I have the necessary framework, I just need to practice using it. I was still so scared of it getting bad again without the support of weekly sessions. But this podcast has helped me to feel so much more confident in my ability to heal. I binged every episode in one day at work and loved it. It helped to cement the idea for me that it is possible to recover. The host Mollie is such a fantastic human and has for sure done her homework on the topic. Her conversations with guests are always so natural and thought provoking. I would give it 1 million stars if it were possible to do so.

Best Podcast for Hard Times

I absolutely love this podcast. A BPD account I followed reposted a post made by bpd tea and that’s how I came to find this podcast. I have been struggling a lot recently because of my mothers very unexpected passing at the beginning of July and I was at my very lowest, feeling so defeated after a therapy session where I had to talk about everything, then I found this show. Listening to it helped so much more than anything I have read or seen before because this podcast makes me feel valid. Everyones BPD experiences are unique in their own regard but there are still so many similarities in life experiences shared with people struggling and recovering from BPD. This show was the first time I had heard the phrasing “sex used as self harm” and it resonated so much and made me piece together parts of my mind that left me so confused because I disliked my body so much due to constant gender dysphoria but I would still put myself in these risky positions sexually. I just love every bit of this podcast. If you are able to do a podcast sometime about BPD and dealing with grief I would love that so much cause I have found little on the internet and I feel like my recovery has regressed so much due to this fear of abandonment coming into fruition. Again, great show and I’m always waiting for the notification when a new one comes out💜-Jace