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This podcast saved my life and helped me feel whole again.

I first found this podcast over a year ago after I first discovered what BPD was. It helped me feel less alone. I was on a 6-9 month waitlist for DBT therapy, and couldn't find an individual therapist that fit my needs AND budget. I just needed SOMETHING to help; I had no hope otherwise. It was a silver lining for me. I went a few months without listening to it (not for any particular reason), but one day, when I was spiraling into a deep hole of constant suicidal ideation, I decided to listen to it again. I'm able to listen to music and podcasts while at work, so it was a great opportunity to dive back into it. It became my lifeline; whenever I'd feel those overwhelming feelings, I'd just put on an episode of the podcast and it helped ground me. The episode that truly helped save me was the one called "Are you 'mentally ill' or spiritually starved?" I remember I almost started crying at work because it had touched me so deeply, like Mollie had reached out to hug my inner child and say, "It's okay. You are loved." I listened to it twice that day, and changed my phone lock screen to one of my favorite pictures of me as a kid, like Mollie suggested in that episode. That episode, in addition to my partner, pushed me to start my own spiritual journey, something I had never felt compelled to do before. Before that, I was strictly atheist/agnostic, and was so empty and traumatized inside that I found it hard to believe in anything at all. I didn't pursue any specific religion, or even read any specific books; I just opened up my heart and wrote down my thoughts. I began to see the world differently, finding meaning in even the littlest things. I feel like I reached a checkpoint in a video game (Mollie, I know you'll appreciate this metaphor lol), a checkpoint where I will never fall back to what I used to be, even if I slip up. I think this is what so many other BPD treatments and resources lack. I learned DBT, and it's helpful, but it's a survival tool, not the answer. Because of this podcast, I don't feel empty anymore. It's crazy because I feel whole for the first time since I was a child. Of course I still get triggered and split, but at baseline, I feel whole. I feel hopeful. All my friends and my partner can see the change that this has had on me, and I love sharing parts of the podcast with them; I've recommended it to all my friends who struggle with BPD symptoms as well. This podcast is also just so well-rounded; Mollie covers a WIDE range of topics, and her guests always add so much to the conversation as well! I love hearing the perspectives of everyone from professionals in the field of psychiatry, to those of her partner Zaz. It feels warm, like sitting in a room with friends, but Mollie also doesn't coddle you. I appreciate her helping us hold ourselves accountable for actions so we can grow from them, instead of just wallowing in self-pity like some BPD communities tend to do. Her perspective is very refreshing, especially when it comes the idea of eliminating the idea of a "personality disorder" in the first place. If I could suggest one thing to improve, it would be gender inclusivity. Mollie definitely tries to be inclusive of trans/non-binary/gender-non-conforming folks, but I think she could improve some of her language used. For example, "people with vaginas" instead of "females," "people" instead of "man or woman," "people perceived/socialized as men" instead of just "men," etc. However, this is just a note for Mollie and doesn't detract from how I feel about the podcast as a whole. Anyway Mollie, I just want to thank you with my whole heart. You are such a treasure in this world and I hope you know that everyday, you help people and give them hope to keep going. Even though it would be helpful, I no longer think I NEED therapy to survive. Your podcast has shown me that there are other things that can help me, and I will be okay. We will all be okay. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Just wow

When I tell you this podcast has saved my life, I mean it. This makes me feel like I’m close to Mollie and the community of listeners. Thank you for your time for all your content!! I’ve progressed so much in my recovery journey and I’m so thankful that I found you. I was hesitant subscribing to premium because I was already paying for group DBT but it’s the best decision I’ve made! Honestly, I’ve been able to self reflect so much thanks to you Mollie!! I don’t get tired of listening to you- You are loved ❤️❤️

Feeling grateful

So very grateful to discover this podcast (recently diagnosed with BPD). Couldn’t stop crying today and was able to compose myself through listening to episode 1. Can’t wait to keep listening as I journey through this struggle (and overcome it). Thank you for your work. It means more than I can say.

Better than therapy

I found this podcast hoping to learn how to better use skills in situations where my unhelpful coping mechanisms came into play and found that the show relays information that hits so much deeper than just the day to day skills. I’m really grateful that Mollie discusses spiritual aspects to healing and shares her own experience and voice as well! I look forward to listening to every episode especially the premium content! ❤️

Endless Gratitude

This podcast is so verge powerful and empowering. ALL will benefit from the insight, vulnerability, and community. Love love love to you!! This is life saving.

Life changing content

Mollie is so inspiring, uplifting, informative, and relatable. I am so thankful I discovered this podcast. I have gained so much from her content, most importantly a sense of hope. I highly recommend subscribing to her premium content. It is worth every penny.

Necessary good

I need it. You need it. If we are here looking for this there is no better resource. I have found then the soothing stories of folks who have gone through so much of the same stuff I have. A world with BPD can feel very isolating, confusing and scary. This podcast has been a balm for my soul well into my 30s.

Mind Blown

I cannot express enough how this podcast has truly opened my eyes to BPD and the struggles i constantly deal with. I was diagnosed last year and had no idea what it was, i did my research, i have a therapist that helps, im starting DBT in a month but little over 2 months ago i found this podcast and i am blown away by the accuracy. It has helped me so much in my times of struggle when i feel myself splitting, becoming impulsive and/ or really just not understanding my feelings at all. Looking for deeper understanding, knowledge, advice and just knowing I’m not alone in this is so refreshing. Mollie you are an amazing soul, thank you for being our voice!.

Informative, inspirational, an act of love

Like a lot of other listeners - this podcast came across my path when I needed it the most. For those who relate to BPD symptoms, one of the things I think most of us want desperately is to feel understood. This podcast does that, even though we don’t know Mollie personally - it feels like having a friend who knows all of the difficult things you’re going through in your life, researches the most informed ways you can help yourself , and presents the information in a refreshingly relatable way. Her whole-person approach covers so many avenues that I wanted to research but haven’t had the time - I just wanted to say that am so immensely grateful. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.

absolutely beautiful

i found this podcast when i was in such a dark place in my life. i was struggling with a new bpd diagnosis and i was totally shocked by bpd stigma, which seemed life-shattering to me. i thought i would be forever labeled as broken. when i found mollie and this podcast, my view of myself and of bpd changed fundamentally. mollie has taught me so much about acceptance, spirituality, recovery, trauma, and more. also, her voice is so calming and listening to the podcast feels like chatting with a friend. i am so thankful for this podcast. mollie, you have truly changed my life, and the world is so lucky to be able to learn from you and witness your growth.

Life changing stuff

Mollie is so inspiring, uplifting, informative, and relatable. I am so thankful I discovered this podcast. I have gained so much from her content, most importantly a sense of hope. I highly recommend subscribing to her premium content. It is worth every penny.

infinity stars

authentic and relatable with such amazing content. feels like i’m talking with a best friend! i’m on my third day of binging your podcast and about to sign up for bonus content. thank you so much 🖤

Unbelievably Good

I am at a loss for words for how wonderful this podcast is. I am just sorry it took me awhile to discover it. Wow. If you have the traits or someone you love struggles with borderline traits you cannot go wrong listening to this incredibly informative and validating pod.

This is amazing

Thank you so, so much for not only presenting your vulnerability, but also different perspectives and tips to approach BPD! Appreciate this podcast so much!

42yo CIS man diagnosed BPD/BP2

I love this podcast and your perspective on our shared experience as people struggling with and recovering from BPD. I have often experienced therapy/DBT and other forms of treatment for my diagnosis’s as gendered towards the treatment of women. I think that is normal due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of people I have been in the therapeutic setting with identify as women or are non-binary. I find your approach to BPD recovery to be just what I need as I move out of DBT and into the next phase of my recovery. It feels behavior focused without the constraints of gender or even diagnosis. I was hitting a skills and therapy wall and see the need to continue to expand in order to continue toward my goal of actualization and conscious living. Thank you so much for your dedication to yourself in order to offer insight to others.

Unbelievably Comforting

The best way to describe this podcast: Mollie’s words kept me from t*king my own l*fe. I listen to BFTB on my way to work and at night when I’m falling asleep. It’s my safe space, Mollie provides a comfort zone for me. I’ve listened to every episode numerous times, and there’s always a new takeaway. Mollie is a constant reminder that BPD is not an end all be all. It goes beyond mental health. It goes beyond diagnosis. Mollie provides words of encouragement and guidance to a healthier mental lifestyle. This podcast saved me.

Relatable. Admirable

Listening to this podcast makes me feel hopeful. Just heard episode 47, and I’m excited to be along for the ride! Thank you so much for creating this!! Was headed into a real depressed mood so I took my dog out to sunbathe by the trees and decided to listen to your podcast. Saved me from a sad day!

Thank you 🙏🏻❤️

I’m a new listener. You’ve given me a lot of hope.

Beautifully disruptive, in the BEST way.

I’ve recently had the epiphany that I most likely have BPD, as I have experienced every symptom, and listening to this podcast helped me realize that. I’ve been in therapy for 10 years and always ended back up in the same place thinking something must be seriously wrong with me that no one can fix. Mollie and the guests she’s had on Back From the Borderline has made me feel seen in a way I’ve never felt seen before. It made me realize that there are people out there like me, and I’m not alone. Others experience the intensity of emotions, the self harm, the fear of abandonment, the explosive anger, the constant identity crisis.. all of it. I’ve never felt so much relief in my life. Not only that, but Mollie has saved me from going down a well intentioned, but ultimately detrimental, path of seeking a BPD diagnosis. I have always felt that diagnosis's are limiting, and certain ones such as BPD are seen as a lifelong disease that can never be rectified. Only accepted and suffered through. I wholeheartedly disagree with this. I believe (like Mollie) the only reason we get any sort of diagnoses is due to spiritual starvation and suppressed emotions due to trauma. Despite that, I thought that maybe getting a diagnosis would give me at least one identity I could hold on to. Maybe it would help me in some way. With Mollie’s incredible dedication to her own recovery through endless amounts of research and conversations with mental health professionals, she shared how a BPD diagnoses is like a scarlet letter in the medical field, and can actually cause you much more harm than good. Mollie protected me from doing something that would have hurt me in the long run, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for that. She saved me from putting myself in an unsafe position, not out of any BPD destructive behavior, but just out of lack of information. Truly, she is doing God’s work. It is not easy to be this vulnerable and this transparent, which is why most don’t do it. This is also why I celebrate Mollie to the highest extent because while this podcast is helping her with her own journey to recovery, it is truly a selfless act to share it with others. If you have BPD, or experience the symptoms, you know how terrifying and detrimental any form of rejection or criticism can be. Mollie knew that sharing her story would leave her vulnerable to that, and she did it anyways. Not only for her own personal growth, but knowing that if it helped just one person, it was worth it. That is alchemy and pure love at its finest. Thank you for everything Mollie. I hope you all experience the same comfort, “aha” moments, and transformation I have from this podcast ❤️

A Bright Spot in a hard time

I’m a new listener and this podcast has already become an important tool for me to use while I’m splitting. It has become a great self-soothing technique but an amazing educational resource as well! Mollie’s ability to empathize with her listener’s, while gently calling us out and pulling us out of the “victim mentality” way of thinking is why I gave this podcast 5 stars. This podcast is already become apart of my daily routine while starting my journey to recovery! Thank you Mollie for speaking on subjects that are not always touched on. I recommend this podcast to anyone with BPD or loved one’s of someone with BPD!!

I wish I had found this sooner

I only recently discovered this podcast on accident. Although I have been trying to educate myself more on BPD in the last year. But hearing real talk from someone that has recovered from emotional disregulation is just as, if not more helpful than hearing it from a clinical psychologist. I love that the podcast has a mix of both the patient and the provider. I feel as though this may be one of the missing links in my recovery journey. I’m so excited to move forward.

Mollie is my go to coping mechanism atm

Whenever I feel anxious, restless, dissociative, like I am splitting or just out of whack! Her podcast ALWAYS calms me down and helps me feel grounded and able to get back to center. By listening about her recovery journey it helps me take a deep breath and continue on my journey with self-compassion and acceptance in my heart. Thank you, you are an angel.

Great Podcast

It’s rare to find a podcast that highlights mental health issues like this one does. Mollie has a unique way of raising awareness of key issues about PWBPD. She does this by researching topics, inviting guests, and sharing her own story. Her ability to be honest and vulnerable while also educating listeners is really cool. Thank you for creating this space and cultivating a community centered around such important issues.

Coming back home … to me

Mollie, her content, and her commitment are beyond anything I’ve experienced across multiple platforms. As a “pwBPD” finding authentic and helpful content seems impossible to locate and harder to vet. Mollie, and her podcast, help me feel less alone in this misunderstood mind of mine. I was especially touched by her segment on Menstrual Cycle Awareness. I used to believe I just suffered from PMDD and that was all there was to it. She helped me unpack a lot. She satisfies my curiosity to understand and assists with bridging the space between me and my supportive systems. Thank you Mollie. From the bottom of my “borderline” heart. 🦋🦋🦋

A powerful and authentic independent voice.

Mollie is a powerful, authentic, and independent voice on all things mental health. Her weekly podcasts have been a great source of learning and inspiration in my recovery journey. They present a balanced mix of insightful interviews with caring and experienced professionals, as well as more personal, philosophical musings that get to the heart of the matter. But what stands out to me most is her fearlessness, not only in showing up honestly, but in trying new things and exploring fresh perspectives, cutting through the surface-level, bullet-point schema of diagnosis and prescription, and delving into who we actually are underneath it all and what it really means to be human and to grow along your own lines—which you surely will if you listen to this podcast.


Trust me, this podcast will change your life. Mollie’s insight, perspective, and wisdom has made me a better person. As someone with BPD, I can honestly say that she’s helped me understand myself better and become more aware of who I am. Because of Mollie, I have stronger relationships, more consistency with the habits I’ve always wanted to build, defined core values, and a stronger sense of identity along with improved physical and mental health. If you have a loved one with BPD, this podcast will help you understand them in ways you may never have before and you will also be better equipped to set boundaries and build a healthy relationship with that person. If you don’t have BPD or a loved one with BPD, I still highly recommend this podcast because Mollie dives so much deeper beyond just BPD and CPTSD. Her insight can help literally anyone and everyone become happier and more fulfilled. I genuinely cannot say enough good things about her. LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST! I promise you it will be worth every second.

She’s the me I’m trying to be

She mixed spirituality and mental health so well. I’ve been on a search for truth and she speaks what I find to be true in such a way that is easy to understand. The concepts she touches on are things I’ve been trying to incorporate into my life and finding this podcast has made it much more easier. Thank you so much for doing this.

Elucidating, actually digs into the logic behind BPD

So much literature out there about BPD is cliché, I’ve read it all before! This show is really original, the host goes out of their way to do research and really delve into the “logic” of BPD, opening the door to new coping methods. It’s been so amazing listening to an intelligent, with-it person talking about this condition. I’m so glad I found this!!!


Just wanted to say thank you for making these it really has been helpful for the start of my therapy/healing journey. It’s helped me put into words what I’ve experienced and look at those experiences in different ways. I got lost for a long time and this is slowly helping me find my true self again so thanks.

I don’t know how to “comment”

I may be doing this in the wrong space, but… here we go: I’ve listened to 2.5 “Splitting” episodes tonight, and (God help me) I somehow really believed you when you said you read every comment (if an iPhone “review” counts as a comment… which I’m 70% sure it doesn’t…). So here I am with a self-destructive whiskey in my hand typing away: Very possibly into the Void First thing: I liked that you brought up tarot. I use it for myself and as an occasional party-trick. When I do a reading for other people I always refer to it as “dreaming in reverse”. Because dreams are essentially archetypical images generated from your ailing (or not) brain while you sleep, which serves to de-clutter your subconscious (probably… maybe… no one totally knows…). And by contrast, tarot relies entirely on the ubiquity of archetypes to reveal the needs of your unconscious mind to the awakened and alert part of your brain … Leading, one hopes, to actionable insight for the future So… I guess what I’m trying to say is that the stigma of tarot’s “woo-woo” quality can’t be escaped, but the practice is really nothing more than a therapeutic tool Not that *you* need to be told that… but I just wanted to support the idea of its value (I’m verbose, so strap in…) (… unless I get drunk-tired and just sorta stop…) (… This is… too many ellipses and… parentheticals all… at… … … once) Okay: Your description of the developmental matter of a baby’s sense of self-vs-external-input reminded me of some reading I got pseudo-assigned by my therapist. It’s come up before, but you described it so much more succinctly. Which I appreciate … I may not be diagnosed with BPD tomorrow, but it’s seeming very likely that I might be. Particularly after listening to your podcast, which I heavily identified with Within that context of “maybe”… (enjoy that extra ellipses), I want to offer a perspective on Splitting and the emotional reality of the moment I see splitting slightly differently from the description you offered in your splitting episodes I’m coming to consider it a matter of seeing no difference between what’s *happening* and who I *am*. That’s how I interpret the idea of being stuck in the realm of my 2-year-old self’s perceptions of good and bad Without meaning to rob others of their personhood, I see their every negative reaction as an extension of my influence upon the world and its inevitable equal-and-opposite-reaction to me and my choices I don’t mean to steal their independent existence from them. I’m not solipsistic… I don’t think… but insofar as my life is the constant subject-at-hand for me, personally… I can’t help but view things through the lens of my degree of control over events So: The decisions of people in my life become events in *my*story. Events which I will be defined by according to my reactions to them