Back From The Borderline

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Mollie! I love you! You’ve made me cry so many times with you wise & kind words and advice. You’re the bigger sister/mom/aunty/mentor/grandma/guide that I needed in my life. You are teaching me so much and one day I will get through all your podcasts and have to await for you to release a new episode. Also, I absolutely want a tattoo that says “initiation, separation, return” ✨🫶🏼🤍🍷☀️
I needed to come across this podcast in this life and I just know and deeply feel that I am one of those people that when you’d say, “I know someone needs to hear this” usually brings me to tears during work or at home eating. You are a gift Mollie! And I actually love the walk episodes bc of the nature sounds 🕊️🌳

Jan. 28, 2023 by Birdoonbirdo on Apple Podcasts

Back From The Borderline