Back From The Borderline

Listen to this if you know anyone with BPD

A life saver is all I can label this podcast. Mollie does a phenomenal job of articulating the WHY of BPD behaviors and the how to address them. I went through a NASTY breakup and found out my ex had BPD. It was horrible for us both but now we finally understand are working together to heal, unlearn and grow.

I had read and watch a lot of resources before but it was through a clinician lense or through the lenses that I should go no contact with my ex because she was evil, unhealthy and unmanageable.

I also learned my only trauma contributed to symptoms of BPD early on in my life and I’m aware of those thought patterns now.

Sept. 16, 2021 by BriannaDick77 on Apple Podcasts

Back From The Borderline