Back From The Borderline

Borderline and Bipolar?!

I relate so much to your show, you helped me feel less alone in the most pivotal “down” moments of my mental illness. I was diagnosed BPD in October 2020, and then my therapist dropped me. Through sex-as-self-harm (thank you for teaching that term), and substance abuse, I agonized over that diagnosis. Six months later I decided to trust my sister’s therapist who listened for months before suggesting bipolar. Something clicked. I got a true diagnosis and I’m just starting to feel the effects of a very mild medication. It’s life-changing.
My impulsivity would’ve killed me and now, slowly, I’m thinking twice before acting out. My question is this; what’s the relationship with BPD and Bipolar? What disguises them? The label helps me know my shameful behavior was not always my fault. I’m very high-functioning; I live alone after an ugly divorce (impulsively married an immigrant at 24). I am privileged to be in an industry that provides me 4x more money than the average millennial job. I don’t know how to harness my “positives” to a concrete direction when I still have triggers and confusion. Anyway, I hope any of this makes sense. Much love, -G.

Jan. 26, 2022 by Grace Katherine Mathews on Apple Podcasts

Back From The Borderline