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Great show!!

Love your show so much! You offer great guests and awesome insight into bpd! Incredible information and raw honesty. Love it so much!

I just heard the one from Nov 22,2022

This was my first listen…I did indeed find you on Instagram first LOL…I felt a lot of connection with your post and finally I decided to listen to my intuition so I really felt as if you were speaking to me in this episode. I’m excited to continue my work towards my highest self I’m so grateful for your content! You really rekindled my dream for my podcast I am excited to record my second episode 🥰

Good podcast

Calm vibe which is healing for BPD

I’ve never felt more seen.

This podcast has done so much for me. I’ve cried listening because I’ve never felt more seen in my life. It has challenged me to look within and understand myself better. I found it at a time in my life when I needed it the most, after a devastating break-up. I have been severely depressed for 10 months and still struggling, but fighting to get out of my depression. This podcast truly speaks to me and I feel like Mollie is my good friend through everything I’ve learned. Thank you Mollie. You’re a blessing and you are making a huge impact in the world. I appreciate you so much. Because of you, I don’t feel so alone in the world.

So helpful!

This podcast has helped me have empathy for, understand, and communicate with my daughter who demonstrates all 9 symptoms of BPD. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Love for both sides of BPD

I do not have a BPD diagnosis but I love someone who does, and this podcast is also incredibly helpful for those who have experienced emotional abuse, manipulation, or infidelity by a partner with BPD. It has played an integral role in my journey to understand what happened and why, and has given me the (research-based!) knowledge I needed to meet my former partner with what people with BPD need most: love, compassion, and understanding. Mollie has helped pull me out of my grief tornado and kick-started the healing journey I have so badly needed. Thank you Mollie.💜🥲

Unlike any other resource for emotional regulation

Mollie is not only affirming + validating as she very vulnerably shares her own experiences but flawlessly melds brilliant insights from her copious research into what feels like an already rich conversation between friends. My favorite thing about BFTB is Mollie’s authenticity: she cares about her listeners, and her empathy colors every episode. Listening truly feels like being part of a community. Maybe because that’s exactly what Mollie has cultivated. :) Cannot recommend her pod enough!

What my life was missing !

Mollie is a wonderful host, she gives the perfect balance between academically up-to-date content and her own personal experiences! Big sis energy 🤍 I love the show!

The best BPD, self-awareness & improvement podcast

Mollie! I love you! You’ve made me cry so many times with you wise & kind words and advice. You’re the bigger sister/mom/aunty/mentor/grandma/guide that I needed in my life. You are teaching me so much and one day I will get through all your podcasts and have to await for you to release a new episode. Also, I absolutely want a tattoo that says “initiation, separation, return” ✨🫶🏼🤍🍷☀️ I needed to come across this podcast in this life and I just know and deeply feel that I am one of those people that when you’d say, “I know someone needs to hear this” usually brings me to tears during work or at home eating. You are a gift Mollie! And I actually love the walk episodes bc of the nature sounds 🕊️🌳

First time listener …

Your podcast “when you finally wake up to the pain” truly impacted me , I cried during the entire podcast . You spoke so much truth , I'm going to continue to follow you and support you . Thank you for being a human who understands me .

Whappa dodah!

This podcast really is transformative. Brimming to the top with heart, grit and salty tears. Molly is beyond her years, a becon of hope and knowledge as she dives into the pits of her inner world to pull out some wisdom corkers. Thankyou🥰 I no longer feel like a pair of witches knickers caught in a tree flapping about aimlessly. This podcast has weaved its way into my week. Xx

Big Sis Mollie

Hi Mollie I’m Joe. Sorry if this is weird I feel like we’re close personal friends from listening to your podcast and just like talking and thinking back to you while I listen. But I’ve been going through a really rough breakup and roughest probably bc I really wanted to be with this person for life and a lot of my unmanaged bpd behavior ended up putting the nail in the coffin. I started losing myself more and more and the only wait out of it was through. Somehow I found your podcast on Spotify. I would be lying if I said your soothing voice wasn’t got me in the door but I stayed for how much you opened my mind to being aware of how my “self destructive behavior was ruining my life” and I can say there isn't much in the 20 episodes I’ve listened to so far that I haven’t been able to personally relate to on some level. I feel so empowered(a word I never thought I’d use) by the awareness you have gifted me about myself and my behavior. It feels like the secret ingredient I’ve been missing to my sauce. I wish I found this during the pandemic bc I honestly can’t imagine how different my life would be now but all the same you’ve given me a gift I could never thank you enough for. Anyway everyone check out this podcast.


I have no words to describe how revolutionary, healing and uplifting this podcast has been for me and my journey with mental health. Mollie, I cannot thank you enough--truly, from the bottom of my heart, you an absolute gem of a person.

Mollie has helped me so much

Discovering this podcast has been a godsend in a time where I had no hope left. Thank you mollie for everything you’re doing ❤️

Thank you for this Podcast!

This has shed such a bright light for me a a mom of a teen with these traits. So many great resources and such a wonderful educational guide to supporting our loved ones. I love your voice too! Very calming. Thank you Mollie!!

Admiration and Respect

I have listened to EVERY episode, I started off only knowing I had BPD after listening to your podcast daily I have embodied a new state of awareness. I am not exactly where I believe I need to be in my recovery, however I would have never gotten here if it weren’t for you. I’m still managing BPD “symptoms” however before your podcast I didn’t even know I was acting on my impulses or that I even had them, now I am able to see myself in a new light. I have started to become the person I needed as a child, and the hero of my own journey. I thank you for sharing your difficult story, even though we have never crossed paths I listen to you every day like your my BEST friend. I have so much love for all the work you’ve put into this podcast. I just wanted to say you are my hero, I’ve wanted to write you for an extensive amount of time but I’m sure you can imagine the emotions that came along with the idea of putting my words out there. Once again thank you for literally everything you have seriously changed my life!

Holy moly

I am 39 and have just recently in March been diagnosed. I never realized that how i thought or acted wasn’t the same as everyone else. I thought everyone’s brain worked like mine does. It wasn’t until my husband of 12 years asked for a divorce. That’s when all the doors and windows opened and i realized I needed help. We are now trying to work on our marriage note that he know how i function. I found your podcast the same as normal I googled what now? Mostly books and audiobooks and it recommended you. I am soooo beyond grateful it did.

This podcast is saving my life

Pray for your teacher and she shall appear--and then I found Mollie Smith's Back from the Borderline Podcast. I have known that I was emotionally dysregulated for years and it has caused me so much pain. I just finished your splitting series and it was such a positive wake-up call for me. I have long-term sobriety and have sustained a long-term weight loss (180 pounds gone). Although I am in two 12-step programs for these things, your podcast and understanding the BPD traits has shed some light on the pathology behind my thinking and the whys of my addiction cycle. Thank you so much, Mollie. I am now one of your premium submarines and I look forward to more healing. I know so many people who would benefit from this podcast and I look forward to sharing it with them. I don't have an Instagram, but I am going to get one just so I can tune in there, too.

An Unprecedented Podcast!

Mollie, your podcast gives me shivers (the good kind!) and I really admire your intelligence and eloquence. Your voice is so soothing and your words are so relatable that I have sobbed during your podcasts. Thank you for being so raw, honest, compassionate, and a mentor! No doubt, your podcast should be taught and used in mental health facilities... I am so glad I found this podcast after getting my BPD diagnosis and for helping me believe that our personalities are NOT disordered!

Thank you

Mollie, As someone who has been struggling with BPD for the last 2 to 3 years the one thing that my crying at the beach by myself reading all the books I could take in didn’t do was make me feel like I wasn’t alone if it wasn’t for your podcast I don’t know where I would be right now in my journey to hear personal stories and how other people can relate to how I feel and I can relate to how they feel makes me feel so much less alone that I just wanted to tell you everything you’re doing is absolutely amazing if it can get through my thick head itself I can’t imagine how many more other people you’ve helped you’ve helped me understand so much about BPD and the label. I’m newly sober and if IT WASN’T for your podcast I can honestly say I would probably still be hitting the bottle. I just want you to know I appreciate you and am so lucky to have found you when I did. Thank you for everything you do ❤️

A breath of fresh air

Mollie, I just want to say thank you.. the biggest warmest, heartfelt, truly sincerest of thank yous. I was diagnosed about ten years ago and had a minute when I was feeling ok, and I lost focus on my tools and started forgetting the things I had fought so hard to relearn. As chaos breeds chaos lastly it all came crashing down. I feel lost, defeated, like a failure, and most of all scared that maybe I didn’t have any hope left this time. I dusted off my up dbt workbook, took out my flash cards, and my fave book of ref (The Mindfulness Solution for Intense Emotions: Take Control of Borderline Personality Disorder with DBT) and went to search on Spotify and found you. In the past I had searched for a podcast like yours, and had came up empty handed, so I was excited to listen. Now it’s become one of my own tools to help my recovery. I listen all day at work, and on my way home. I’ve begun drawing cards everyday, I have taken so many things from your podcast - and had so many aha moments, and the best moments of all; the ones where I finally felt that someone could relate and understand to this wild ride I’m having in life. If I’m having an especially bad day, I know if I get on the train and put your podcast in my headphones I can start focusing on healing rather than spiraling into my depressing song playlist and starting off the day with splitting. You’re truly an inspiration and I admire and live what you do, don’t stop. You’re helping so many who have felt or feel lost, and that my friend is a beautiful thing. Take care of yourself!


I have learned so much from your podcast it really is helping me put my knowledge about bpd and techniques into application, which for me is the hardest part. But I am so grateful for all of your time, research and energy you’ve put into this! I know I will never have to feel alone in this bc when I come back to the podcast I am reminded that we are all fighting for the same thing and growing along the way together. You tha best Molly, don’t stop what you’re doin!

So much love!

Finding your podcast has been nothing short of a miracle! Diagnosed w BPD in May of 2021 at the age of 46, after a year in therapy due to my husband literally kicking me out due to my behavior and lack of tools on how to deal w my sisters suicide. My daughter committed suicide in October of last year and your podcast has been a God send! I listen to you all day long, literally! While I run, workout, at work, at bedtime. ALL THE TIME! Along w Dr Fox’s BPD workbook I’m digging deep now and realizing that my daughter had BPD as well. Working through a lot of guilt on that one. But your show is a main staple in my tool bag of learning how to live in this world that is so shitty and living w out my daughter. I don’t think you realize the impact that you make on peoples lives. Your voice is so soothing, I can’t go back to the any of the other three post casts I was listening to. You are such a beautiful soul and I know that my higher power, my Lord and Savior lead me right to you! Love all that you do! God bless you beautiful girl!

You changed my life

Hi Molly I’m Kuri I’m 30 years old and the first time a therapist ever uttered the word borderline personality at me I was 13. My life has been an insane ride and I found zero relief within Therapy or myself. I’ve been listening to a podcast for a few months now and I am officially the most stable and happiest I can recall being in my entire life. If there’s anyway we can email you or connect with you please let me know as I’d love to be a part of an episode !

Wow, I’m not alone

First, Thank you so much!!! Thank you for sharing your story! I have never related with another human in my 32 years of existing. Everything you talk about! I’m like “ wow, yes..yes.. me too” I get it… top viewer here! Proud of you girl :)

Thank you 🙏🏻❤️

Game changer :) Appreciate you.

Deeply transformational, safe and encouraging

This has been so profound in my journey of BPD. I feel so grateful to have this and can honestly say it has been so affective in how I have been dealing with such hardships in my life right now. A life saver. Thank you.

Thank you

I was diagnosed 8 years ago border/polar and to me the border side was misunderstood and rejected. I took it as a multiple personalities and ignored the diagnosis. Fast forward to now and I am starting to realize the havoc and toxicity that it causes. I’m starting therapy and your podcast have giving me strength to keep moving forward. Thank you. Cheers

Thank you

Thank you so much for this podcast. It is such a blessing, so so helpful, and has given me a lot of hope❤️

Eye opening

I've spent the majority of my life not understanding why I feel this way, why my life is always falling apart, why I am always self sabotaging. I was "diagnosed" with BPD in 2015 after an attempt and hospitalization after a break up with my FP, but I've identified with BPD since I was a preteen (I just didn't know it ). After another horrible fight that I caused with my loving and supportive fiance a few months ago, I realized that I WAS THE PROBLEM and I needed to change. Just like you mentioned in the podcast, that moment of realizing you are the problem without shame and self hatred, but more of AH - HA, I realized I needed to change. Your podcast was the first one I listened to when I searched "BPD splitting" in Spotify and I have been hooked. I listen in the morning while I'm making breakfast, on my walks, in my car, even with my partner! I've learned so much about my self through your experiences and it made me feel understood. I didn't even understand what I was feeling but you are so well-spoken and helped me understand that I AM NOT MY BPD. My therapist noticed my sudden commitment to change and self understanding, and when she asked what happened that gave me the sense of clarity I told her that your podcasts have been helping me tremendously! She loved the idea that I was listening to a podcast centered around recovery and said she would suggest podcasts to her other clients. You've made me uncover feelings I never knew I had, help me see that I am not alone, and that we can recover. I am optimistic about my recovery because you've shown me that I am not a lost cause and I can get better. Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart.