July 19, 2022

Reflections on relationships, social media detoxes, and, feeling toxic AF

Reflections on relationships, social media detoxes, and, feeling toxic AF

This episode gives big sitting-down-for-coffee-with-your-big-sister-for-a-heart-to-heart energy. Together, we'll discuss social media and its impact on BPD symptoms, discussing BPD with your family, how to heal after rushing into new relationships too quickly, and the inevitable post-honeymoon phase crash.

​​💡 Questions answered and topics discussed in this episode:

■ The impact social media usage has on BPD symptoms (and the reason behind my current digital detox) 

■ How my views have changed regarding getting a BPD diagnosis (and why I no longer take psychiatrists' word as the "gospel truth" and encourage anyone to get a second opinion after getting any psychiatric diagnosis)

■ How to find and interview a BPD therapist (questions I ask mental health professionals to see if they're a good fit for me)

■ How to do a social media detox the right way (without splitting)

■ Tips on cleansing your social media feeds (that actually work)

■ Telling parents you have BPD (should you do it, and how should you approach these conversations?) 

■ Tips for managing BPD symptoms in new relationships (why it can sometimes feel like BPD relationships never work)

■ When love becomes an addiction: limerence and borderline personality disorder symptoms (is there a link?) 

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📝Recommended and mentioned resources: 

■ The Blindboy Podcast - Speaking to a Cyberpsychologist about the psychology of online behaviour

■ Article - "What is Limerence? 5 Signs You're Experiencing It (Not Love)"

■ My menstrual cycle awareness episode titled "Everything your mom never told you about your period (little-known PMS hacks)"

■ Book - "Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself" by Kristin Neff

Disclaimer: information contained in this podcast episode is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for treatment or consultation with a licensed mental health professional. 

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