If you're reading this, that likely means you are a BFTB super-fan, and you want those juicy extras. I got you.

By joining the BFTB Patreon community, you'll unlock access to a variety of bonuses and benefits unavailable to other podcast listeners.

How much does it cost?

You can choose from four different membership tiers: 

Circle Jerk of Sadness ($2/month)
Deeply Frazzled Cynthia ($5/month)
Premium Submarine ($10/month)
Bodacious Bodhicitta ($25/month)

What's included in each membership tier? 

Click here to check out the benefits of each of the four tier options and select the one that's right for you. You can change membership tiers at any time. 

Will I need to download any extra apps and sh*t?

All you should need is the Patreon app (click here to download on GooglePlay for Android users or here to snag it in the App Store for iPhone users), a podcast app, a web browser, and email. 

What happens after I sign up? 

If you select either the Deeply Frazzled Cynthia tier, you'll be able to go in and access the available newsletters (those started in Jan 2023.)

If you sign up for the Premium Submarine or Bodacious Bodhicitta tiers, you can start binging all 50+ hours of bonus content right away directly in the Patreon app or by adding a private RSS feed link to your podcast player of choice. Easy peasy. 

So... what are you waiting for? 

CLICK HERE to join the fun.

If you are struggling with the sign-up process or have any questions about the benefits, don't hesitate to email backfromtheborderline@gmail.com and I'll help you out. Please allow for a couple of days' response time because ya girl is a BUSY BEE. 🐝