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How to subscribe to Back from the Borderline "Premium Access" 

If you're reading this, it's likely you're considering joining the BFTB inner circle (or you already have and you need to know how to add the private feed to your podcast app so you can start digging into the full episodes and hours of bonus content.) 

[If you'd prefer to listen to me give an in-depth explanation of commonly asked questions about accessing the premium content in podcast format, I recorded a little something special you can check out by clicking here. 🎧]

Here are a few *very* important things you need to know right out of the gate: 

  • Certain podcast apps (like Spotify) don’t support private RSS feeds. [BOO, SPOTIFY, BOO 👎🏼.] Annoying, I know. Not the biggest deal, though. You can simply download another compatible app and listen that way! This Patreon article has a breakdown of all apps that are compatible with private RSS feeds and which ones aren't (with step-by-step instructions on how to add the URL and follow the show.)
  • After signing up to Acast+ and paying for my premium content, you’ll need to add the BFTB “private RSS feed” URL into your podcast app of choice to start listening and being alerted of new episodes. 

  • After you successfully add the BFTB private feed to your podcast app of choice, unfollow the public feed. The private feed will be called “Back from the Borderline+ (Premium Access)”. Unfollow the one titled “Back from the Borderline.” This way, you won’t receive multiple updates per week. (Don’t worry: you’ll get both bonus and free episodes in your fancy new private feed.)
  • If you feel stuck or are experiencing issues adding the private feed to your podcast app, email Acast’s customer support team at support@acast.com. To ensure the team can best support you, include in your email the device you’re using and the podcast app you’re attempting to add the private RSS feed to. If you can, provide screenshots of any error message you’re receiving. Acast’s team aim to reply to listener emails within 1 business day.

Below are a few other helpful articles and videos that answer commonly asked questions about accessing premium content: 

Audio of Mollie explaining BFTB premium access
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So, are you ready to become a Premium Access member? Click here to sign up.