March 14, 2023

Overcoming Black and White Thinking: The Painful Truth About Splitting

In this episode, we delve into the topic of splitting, a common behavior that can have both adaptive and maladaptive consequences. Splitting is associated with various mental health “disorder” and “dysfunction” labels, including BPD, EUPD, cPTSD, ADHD, ASD, and more.

Through the lens of esoteric and historical spiritual practices, we examine what splitting is, how it affects our lives, and the psychological conditions and disorders associated with it. We also explore how polarized thinking impacts our relationships with ourselves and others and how it keeps us stuck in patterns of dysfunctional behavior.

We examine the connection between splitting and borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder labels and how it impacts our pursuit of perfectionism. We also explore the relationship between splitting and object relations theory and how it influences our ability to see nuance in people and ideas.

We also discuss practical ways to begin dismantling black-and-white thinking and developing a growth mindset instead of a fixed one. We share tips and strategies that listeners can begin implementing in their daily lives to see the grey areas of life and transform their thinking patterns.

Lastly, we take a voicemail from a listener named Charlie, who is struggling with feelings of shame and guilt after her partner expressed how her extreme emotional reactions were affecting him psychologically.

Join us in this thought-provoking and enlightening episode as we explore the complex world of splitting, mental health, and spiritual expansion. Tune in for the opportunity to become awakened to some of the ways your deeply engrained patterns of thinking and behaving might be keeping you stuck and disconnected from yourself, the people you love, and the world around you.



Disclaimer: information contained in this podcast episode is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for treatment or consultation with a licensed mental health professional.

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