May 4, 2022

Deep Dive on Sex as Self-Harm and "Survival Sex" in Trauma Recovery

I did extensive research on how many of us struggling with complex trauma tend to use sex and intimacy as an unhealthy coping mechanism and how this can actually be a form of self-abandonment and re-traumatization.

​​💡 Questions answered in this episode:

  • Compulsive sexual behavior & hyper-sexuality,
  • The connection between personality disorders and compulsive sexual activity
  • Sexual masochism / Sex as Self-Harm (and its many forms)
  • The traumatic roots of BPD
  • The dangers of sex work when we've not fully healed our own trauma (sugar daddies, OnlyFans, prostitution, etc.)

Click here to check out the full Contrapoints video I played in the beginning of this episode, you can do so. (It's worth it, trust me.)

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