March 28, 2022

Channeling your emotional intensity into art that heals (ft. Alessia Camoirano Bruges)

Channeling your emotional intensity into art that heals (ft. Alessia Camoirano Bruges)

Alessia Camoirano Bruges is a 27-year-old Italian-Colombian artist based in London. Her unique “fluid art” is inspired by its ever-changing nature – just like humans and our emotions. She combines her passion for color psychology, color therapy, fluidity, and her emotional intensity into her artwork. She sees each piece as a cathartic experience in which she can connect to her inner child and relaxed into fully embodied presence & mindfulness.


In this episode, we discuss Alessia's battle with her eating disorder and her struggle with emotional dysregulation & chronic pain that led her to her personal rock bottom moment where she realized *she* was the common denominator in her chaotic life. We also discuss how she bravely decided reach out for help and found healing through DBT and EMDR and how this allowed her to begin channeling her big emotions into creative projects, which resulted in her artwork being published in massive publications and getting hired as a documentary filmmaker for Vice.

💡 Questions answered and topics discussed in this episode:

■ Alessia’s experience growing up as an “emotionally intense” child (often being told she was “too much”)

■ How to learn to embrace your emotional intensity as an inherent strength and creative tool

■ Mollie & Alessia discuss their shared struggled with oversharing

■ Getting “the ick” (the sudden desire to rid ourselves of romantic partners or friendships)

■ Alessia’s experience trying to repress her eating disorder/depression with extreme fandom

■ Realizing the impact of failing to consider the consequences of our impulsive actions

■ “Am I toxic?” Recognizing we are the common denominator in the chaos of our lives

■ Suffering in silence with “high-functioning” mental health issues (eating disorders, depression, BPD)

■ Alessia’s personal battle with chronic pain

■ Her experience with therapists “not believing” that she had BPD

■ How Alessia finally found a therapist that was a good match for her who took a holistic approach to treatment (treated her as person, not a disorder)

■ Alessia’s struggles with emotional flashbacks (and how EMDR therapy helped her with this)

■ How painting has become her most effective therapeutic method

■ Alessia’s early childhood intuitive relationship with color that grew into a passion for color psychology

■ Alessia’s struggle with imposter syndrome even after the critical acclaim and success of her artwork

■ Her experience getting hired to work for Vice and creating documentaries


Connect with Alessia on IG @intenseartalessia

Disclaimer: information contained in this podcast episode is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for treatment or consultation with a licensed mental health professional. 


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