Feb. 21, 2023

Breaking Down the Intersection of Autism and BPD and the Stigma of 'Disorder' Labels with Dr. Jay Watts

Are you interested in exploring the often-overlooked connection between Autism and BPD/EUPD? In this episode, Dr. Jay Watts and I dive deep into the topic, discussing the reasons why women and AFAB individuals are less likely to be diagnosed with autism and exploring common autistic traits that are missed in women.

Listeners will gain insight into the coping strategies of autistic "masking" and "camouflaging" that are often missed in women and girls, as well as the characteristic "special interests" of women with autism. Together, we also unpack the harmful stigma that arises from the BPD/EUPD labels and how people with these labels are stigmatized in psychiatric settings.

Recent events, such as the reversal of the decision to remove BPD and EUPD labels from the ICD-10 due to issues with the American insurance systems, highlight the urgent need for a more nuanced understanding of psychiatric labels. We explore how BPD and cPTSD traits are rooted in trauma and touch on the chronic feelings of emptiness and suicidality experienced by individuals with these labels.

Finally, we delve into the potentially harmful effects of DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) and the importance of informed consent in psychiatric treatment when it comes to treatment modalities and psychiatric medications.

Join Dr. Watts and me as we unpack the complex intersections of Autism and BPD/EUPD and challenge the stigma surrounding psychiatric labels.


Dr. Jay Watts is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, senior lecturer, and dedicated mental health activist working in London. Dr. Watts has held many senior clinical and managerial roles in academia and the National Health Service in the UK and has taught clinical skills in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and psychoanalytic training courses.

Activism is also a core part of Jay’s personal and professional identity. She believes in the importance of highlighting both the helpful and potentially harmful nature of psychology and psychotherapy. Jay is consistently using her own social capital, clinical experience, and research skills to assist grassroots organizations and survivor groups.


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