Jan. 31, 2023

Blindsided by Betrayal: Learning to Love Again After Infidelity

Loads of listeners have been calling in and leaving voicemails about how to navigate relationship difficulties. In this week’s episode, we’ll be hearing from Liz, who is currently struggling with feelings of guilt and shame after convincing herself that she’s the reason her boyfriend’s friend group evicted him from his apartment. We’ll also check in with Otillia, who is recovering from discovering the person she’d been seeing had been hiding a pregnant girlfriend.

The episode at a glance (topics explored and questions answered):

■ Strategies for Rebuilding Confidence after Receiving Negative Feedback

■ Coping with the Emotional Impact of Guilt and Shame

■ Techniques for Managing Social Anxiety in New Situations

■ Tips for Building Relationships with a Partner's Friends

■ Ways to Move Forward After Experiencing Infidelity or Cheating

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