June 20, 2022

Big BPD emotions - everything you ever wanted to know

Big BPD emotions - everything you ever wanted to know

People who identify with BPD symptomology are often described as having “no emotional skin.” As human beings, our skin protects us. Without our skin, we’d be much more likely to contract diseases. Our skin is our first line of defense.

For people with BPD, this idea of having “no emotional skin” means that we lack a buffer for intense emotions. This leaves us feeling raw and extremely sensitive to everything around us and within us. Something that other people might deem “no big deal” can completely throw us off kilter. It’s like we are one big open wound. Everything hurts just that much more.

Imagine how much the tiniest bump would hurt you had no skin. For people who identify with BPD, when something that someone else might perceive as “a little sad” happens, we are more likely to slip into what feels to us like all-consuming depression. When we experience what others may feel is a minor inconvenience, we might feel overwhelmed by anxiety-filled terror. A tiny mistake that another person may get over in a matter of minutes, could mean days of cringe-spiraling and self-loathing for the person with BPD. 

​​💡 Questions answered and topics explored in this episode:

■ What are “BPD emotions?” 

■ What is emotional permanence and what does it have to do with BPD? 

■ How do people with BPD experience emotional dysregulation? 

■ Do people with BPD emotionally abuse their partners? 

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