Feb. 28, 2023

Are your personality masks blocking access to your true Self?

In this episode, we explore the topic of personality masks and how they can block access to your true Self. To understand this complex and nuanced topic, we’ll start by understanding exactly how to understand the concepts of “Self” and “personality” and examine the signs that might indicate that you’re “masking” your true personality.

You’ll learn how to spot the signs that might indicate that you’re masking your true Self and discuss why many of us resort to personality masks as a defense or coping mechanism while shedding light on the various mental health conditions commonly associated with masking (ADHD, Autism, BPD, to name a few.)

Also provided in this episode are tips on how to tell if you're masking, along with examples of personality masking behaviors. We examine the different types of personality masks people commonly use and reveal the negative consequences of personality masking (especially when it happens unconsciously).

If you suspect you're masking, this episode will help you understand how to begin the journey of unmasking and connecting with a version of yourself that feels more authentic and aligned.

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