About Back from the Borderline

Welcome to Back from the Borderline: the podcast that helps anyone who identifies with symptoms of borderline personality disorder overcome their biggest obstacle: themselves.

My name is Mollie, and it's my mission to help you break free from your self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors, so you can more deeply connect with yourself, other people, and the present moment. 

Many people identify with the symptoms and traits of borderline personality disorder. Sadly, a quick Google search returns thousands of "resources" on BPD and EUPD that insinuate that recovery is impossible and that people with these "disorders" are manipulative and incapable of intimacy or leading happy lives.

None of this is true. 

Through weekly solo and guest episodes with a unique blend of philosophy, spirituality, and depth psychology, you'll learn why I no longer believe anyone's personality is inherently "disordered." As a regular listener, you'll start to view yourself and the idea of mental health disorders in an entirely new way. You'll begin to realize that you are not broken or unfixable. You'll learn how to harness and connect with your big feelings and disrupt the toxic cycles of reactivity and chaos that are keeping you stuck, miserable, and disconnected.  Together, we will change.

Together, we will grow. You don't have to do this alone anymore. I'll be here in your ear as we walk the path of recovery side by side. Once you join me, you’ll realize that anyone – including you – can come back from the borderline. 

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